Introducing: The Complete Drone Platform for Construction

Uplift Data Partners has joined PrecisionHawk, adding its nationwide network of commercially trained drone pilots to the company's growing portfolio of drone based solutions.


We fly, analyze and deliver drone data insights to clients across multiple industries – construction, real estate and broadcasting - Propelling Aerial Insights into your business operations. Learn more

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Why Uplift?

Uplift makes it hassle-free to adopt drone technology.

Our R&D team is in the field understanding each industry and how to incorporate drone technology to add value to your business.

We uphold high standards with our pilot network to ensure the safest, most compliant and well vetted are available to fly any mission, anywhere.

Passionate about propelling aerial insights

We partner with enterprise clients on full implementation and use of drones to help clients determine where and how to best integrate drone technology into their workflow. Let’s work together to transform your business with drone data insights.

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Nationwide Pilot Network vetted for skill, safety, and compliance

Join our community of pilots who share the same passion for drones as you. The Uplift Pilot Network gives pilots access to our nationwide partnerships and provides continuous support and training to be the best drone pilots.

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What People Are Saying

"They were digging the footing line, then they did the drone shot with vector overlays. They were going to pour it that morning and he was like stop. Pretty slick, I love it. It actually saved us, it paid for itself in 2 months. That right there, the concrete guy would have been ripping it all out and anchor bolts and rebar he was getting ready to pour it on an angle 18 inches out of skew."

– Jerry Wenzel, Operations Manager at Clayco

"We experienced a refreshing attitude of professionalism and direct support. Uplift’s nationwide reach allows cross feeding of best practices to the network of pilots and allows everyone to become more effective in this new and growing industry. We look forward to being part of an organization whose goal is to understand customer’s needs and execute reliably with competence."

– Tradewinds Aviation, Network Pilot

"I was asked to provide video and pictures of 210 acres of raw land to be used in commercial advertisement for future development potential. Uplift gave me the tools I needed to accomplish the aerial work, by providing me with all the information, shot list, narrative and contact information in a timely manner so that I had time to fully understand what was expected. Communication was extremely professional and I enjoyed dealing with Brooks Allwardt and Matt Lyon before and after the shoot. I believe we, as operators with Uplift Data Partners, have a future that will be very beneficially rewarding to us and we in turn we will be beneficial to Uplift."

– Ray Grisset, Network Pilot

"Uplift Data Partners has been one of the most efficient companies I have ever dealt with in the eight years I have been working in the UAV/Drone industry. Each member of the Uplift team has been vetted and has clearly become fluent with all current FAA commercial UAV operation regulations. Starting a UAV based service providing company is difficult to say the least, but having a resource like Uplift data partners in your back pocket can save you a lot of time, money and headaches. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for the services they provide, they are that good!"

– Nate R., Network Pilot

"I love being outside, flying my drone, and watching the construction progress. Uplift helped me with drone training, drone technology recommendations, and construction site etiquette. I fly construction sites part time for extra income and it fuels my passion for aviation."

– Tom Lemda, Network Pilot