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Real Estate

We specialize in filming and capturing drone footage of high-value properties to help real estate brokers market properties.

Uplift uses drones to capture unique angles and perspectives of real estate to tell the full story of a property through high quality data.

Tell Your Property’s Story


Photos and Panos

Photos and Panos captured from the drone emphasize the beautiful landscapes of a property and highlight surrounding areas to showcase everything a property has to offer in marketing brochures.

Aerial Videos

Aerial videos captured by drones allows brokers and property owners to showcase their properties in quick and affordable way that never before existed. Uplift specializes in delivering custom packages to their clients to help give their properties a sense of scale and background.

We can create simple or complex graphic edits, and will utilize satellite imagery, and professional voiceovers to help tell your properties’ story.

Aerial Basic Videos are our entry level video which include music and text graphics.

Aerial Plus Videos are our intermediate level video. Amateur voiceovers with text and music are included.

Aerial Pro Videos are our most advanced level video. Professional voiceover which include full graphics and satellite imagery.

Why Uplift?

Uplift takes care of all flight logistics up front to ensure safety and compliance for all flights. Our team collaborates with clients on project details, shot lists and post-production work. We have pilots that are trained with special skills in cinematography.

Book a Service

To book a service, share a bit of information and we will get back to you to talk details and discuss pricing.