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We empower pilots to learn new skills, fly more missions and join a network that consists of safe, reliable and compliant men and women in the business.

Ground Control Points

Operational Concerns of Cold Weather Flying

Uplift Pilot Certification Program

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After verifying an RPIC, insurance and FAA drone registration, a pilot qualifies to join our network by passing a 25-question Pilot Partner Certification Exam. This online quiz is full of difficult questions that only experienced pilots would know the answer too. After they pass our Pilot Partner exam, they have options to continue.

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Night Certification

Uplift has created the first night-certification for drone pilots. This is a combo online/in-the-field training, and requires that the pilot has night equipment.

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Construction Certification

We teach pilots about the construction process, site safety, and uses of drone data in construction. They learn how to communicate with PMs, engineers and even crane operators to fly safely and deliver useful data.

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Filming Certification

We produce lots of videos, and have a set of rules that pilots learn to create good shots. Many of the pilots are aviation enthusiasts with little filming knowledge, and our film clients want aerial shots taken with a cinematographer's eye.

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Broadcasting Certification

Flying for news organizations is some of the most stressful drone work. The news producers move fast, many of the shots are live broadcasts, and the field teams don't know airspace regulations. We prepare pilots for work in the broadcasting industry.

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