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We fly drones, analyze data and deliver insights during each phase of the construction process, from preconstruction to site commissioning.

Uplift gains insights from drone measurements to help prevent common construction mistakes in site balancing, concrete layout, quantity tracking and fulfillment verification, and schedule tracking.


of the cost of construction is wasted in the field due to coordination errors, wasted material, labor inefficiencies and other problems that arise during the traditional course of construction.

The Solution

2D Data

Progress updates with photos & videos captured from the drone increase communication, improve quality control and minimize liability throughout the construction project lifecycle. Timelapse videos capture the complete construction process in a single video.

3D Data

The era of 3D data is here! Drones are capturing 4 cm accurate 3D models on construction sites all over the world. These 3D models can give you valuable insights into the progress and accuracy of your site.

Integrate drones into your construction project

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Planning, Site Selection and Estimating

Site surveys

Accurate drone surveys give a better view of the current state of the site. These surveys are as accurate as other methods (4cm) and allow for more accurate and aggressive bidding.

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Faster site balancing

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Cut and Fill Analysis

Our 3D site model is compared to the final grade elevation. This helps to determine progress towards site balancing by providing visual representation of earth above and below final grade.

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Foresee site balancing mistakes for increased forecasting accuracy

Volumetric Measurements

During the site work phase, we deliver volumetric measurements for tracking earth moving progress. We use final grade elevation to give you the most precise picture.

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Stockpiles can be measured in 24 hours

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Foundation and Utilities

Vector Overlays

When staking out your foundation, we overlay site designs and line work onto drone imagery to help you detect layout accuracy and catch mistakes. We also map orthometric photos to site specific coordinate systems to make this information easier for your team to use.

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Drone 3D model can be integrated with BIM software for additional clash detection.

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Vertical Construction

3D Pointclouds

Drone pointcloud data acts as a canvas for virtual construction teams to add to BIM models to show built conditions and a quick glance for project managers to understand the progress of their projects.

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Pointclouds are a quick, easy and inexpensive way to get a visual baseline for vertical construction.

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Visual & Thermal Inspections

If you have a hard to find leak or a warranty claim, thermal inspections can help detect leaks and cracks in your building.

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Useful for roof inspections and remodels.

Why Uplift?

Uplift delivers insights as a service.

We deliver aerial insights to the AEC industry by end to end, seamless implementation of drone technology into your business. Our value stems from managing everything for you: from flying the drones, analyzing the data, and extracting insights from that data.

Defining true value: Delivering the right insights at the right time.

Uplift works with site managers to deliver useful, timely data to accessible locations.

Understanding the Construction purchasing process

Budgets are closed long before projects are announced. Project executives have control over every line-item.

Understanding risk managers: Uplift Pilot Certifications

A construction jobsite is a complicated insurance environment. Subcontractor approvals can take months and require background checks, financial due diligence and detailed safety and risk-mitigation documentation.

We make it hassle free to adopt drone technology into your process. Let us help you deliver accuracy for your clients!

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